Andrea Belotti (Born: 20th of December 1993 | Height: 181cm | Nationality: Italy) has spent the better part of his career playing for Torino in the Italy Serie A. The man from Calcinate had one of his more memorable seasons back in 2016-17 when he scored 26 league goals in 35 appearances. This is also the season when he attempted the most shots on target with 130 attempts, with 49 hitting the target~ an accuracy rate of 37.7%. Only 2 of his league goals came from the penalty spot. Belotti also contributed with 7 assists.

Andrea Belotti – The Numbers:

Attempted shots at target | ON TARGET: Shots on target | DRB_ATT: Attempted Dribbles | DRB_WIN: Dribbles won | PENALTY: Goals scored from the penalty spot