Lautaro Martínez (born 22nd of August 1997 | 174cm) has a reputation of being a natural goal scorer. One of his trademarks is the ability to make quick decisions whether it is shooting or passing. The striker from Argentina is a highly sought-after player, particularly after his 2020-21 season in the Italy Serie A. Martínez finished the season in 8th spot in the top scorer table with 17 league goals. He featured in every single one of the 38 league games and was on the pitch for a total of 2576 minutes.

Attempted Shots On Target And Dribbles

One notable improvement in the 2020-21 campaign is his shooting accuracy with 80 attempted shots at the target, 40 hit the target. A 50% accuracy rate. Compare those numbers to the 2019-20 season and he fired 124 shots at the target with only 46 hitting the target – a disappointing 37% accuracy rate.

His flair and creativity are one of his strongest assets. Martínez’s dribbling skills show that he hovers around a 50% success rate on average. 81 dribbles attempted in 2019-20 with 38 being successful. The 2020-21 numbers are more of the same, 71 dribbles attempted and winning 38 of those.

Lautaro Martínez – The Numbers: